About Piano Cave

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to our page. Piano Cave was created by a group of passionate musicians who want to bring their expertise together. The aim is to provide you with detailed, honest and upfront advice on all things piano related. This page will share this passion and provide guides and tips to help pianists along their journey.

I am James Lucas (JLuc) the founder of this website and I have been playing the piano since the age of 5. I worked through classical exams and then explored the improvisational aspects of Jazz . Throughout my life I have enjoyed playing piano formally (whether it be in bands, concerts, exams or teaching) but more so leisurely. Playing for family and friends or finding a piano hiding away in a corner and twinkling away is a fantastic feeling.

This leads the primary goal for this website, to share the love of music so others can enjoy a life filled with a love for playing music.

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